Psychotherapy begins with talking about the concerns on your mind. It includes exploring your experiences and relationships, both present and past. Through our work together, we will create a relationship of trust, safety, and communication that will enable you to learn more about yourself and your ways of being in the world and being with others. The process involves reflecting upon the nature of your thoughts, feelings, and style of relating, as well as your habitual patterns and automatic assumptions. It also provides the opportunity to look at how we relate to one another in therapy and how that is similar to, or different from, other relationships in your life.

In psychotherapy, we will work toward achieving greater self-awareness, understanding, and acceptance of yourself, as well as access to your full range of feelings. You can expect an improvement in your mood, relationships, work, and overall outlook. You will discover that you have greater resilience and more choices, and that you are more fully yourself as you resolve the issues that brought you to therapy.


Kim Foehl, MD     Cambridge MA    Therapist

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